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Two Powerful Offerings of Mark’s Signature Program to Choose From!

Mark’s Signature Superstar Business Program – Vistage Version

In this energetic three-hour event, Mark personally walks you and fellow business owners through the 5 Superstar Business Secrets wherein he identifies the key aspects of each and also explains methodologies that can literally be implemented into your business the day you get back to your office after this workshop. In this short program, you’ll not only catch Mark’s infectious energy, but also benefit from his expertise. Learn how to:

  • Harness and direct positive sales energy to grow your customer base like you haven’t done before.
  • Understand in detail what it takes to master the mission-critical marketing process and the power of using your marketing metrics to the advantage of your customers and your business.
  • Craft powerful and effective sales processes specific to your business and your customers.
  • Exploit the power of your own business’s numbers as rocket fuel to boost your performance and realize far better outcomes.
  • Introduce and foster a powerful and relatively new leadership philosophy that will have an unbelievably positive effect on the growth of your business.

Note that you will be joined only by other business owners/CEO’s attending the event thus ensuring that every person in the room will be contributing to the value of the time together and your return on investment for the very cost of attending. Not open to mid-level managers or even great salespeople. These workshops are designed for the people with ownership of growing the business and profits.

Note: Comprehensive workbook is provided together with your own copy of Mark’s book, Superstar Business Secrets.

Mark’s Signature Superstar Business Program – Advantage Version

Having completed the Vistage Version of the Superstar Business Workshops you now have a solid grounding on what to focus on to immediately re-energize the growth of your business. The Advantage Edition takes your focus to yet a higher level again. This is a fast moving “take no prisoners” three-hour program specifically designed to add even greater value than the Vistage Version. Topics are significantly expanded in relation to the Vistage Version. Where possible, Mark will also introduce Version powerful guest speakers within the event to provide even greater value yet. The format of the Advantage Edition is designed to insure business owners benefit from a much more interactive process where you will learn not just from the content but also the substantial experience and painfully gained wisdom of the other CEO/business owners attending.

In addition to the Advantage event, and included in the program (to occur at a later date), Mark offers a consultation/mentoring session with business owner’s/CEO’s who attends the session. In this 30-minute session, you as the business owner get to bring your unique and specific challenges to the surface in order to determine best practice approaches to improving your business and it’s performance. Mark recommends you bring your one biggest current challenge to the meeting so he can help you grab it by the horns and turn it into one of your biggest wins.

Note: In order to attend the Advantage Version attendees must successfully complete the Vistage Version of the Superstar Business Workshop. A comprehensive workbook is provided together with your own personally signed copy of Mark’s powerful book Superstar Business Secrets. Registration is easily done online. If you do not see the Superstar Business Workshops scheduled in your area please let us know you’d like us to come to a neighborhood near you. We’d love nothing more than to help you make your business a Superstar Business!!

In addition to the full day Advantage event, and included in the program, is a one-hour consultation/mentoring session with any business owner/CEO who attends the session. In this one-hour session, the business owner gets to bring his or her unique and specific challenges to the surface in order to determine best practice approaches to improving the business and it’s performance.

About Your Presenter

Mark T. Moore is an international business professional with over 30 years of business experience proceeded by a highly decorated career as a police officer in the USA. He’s created, owned, and sold businesses of his own in the United States and Australia, advised and consulted for many others, is a private pilot in both the USA and Australia, and is the author of Superstar Business Secrets: The Top Five Keys to Big Success and Bigger Profits for Your Business. Mark is a speaker with an authentic passion for sharing everything that he’s learned. Now, he can be your teacher, as well.

As the business owner, you bring a lot to the table as a leader in your company. The secret is to make those strengths and talents work for you and harness what you already have to see the success that you deserve. All it takes is a bit of guidance.

Whether you’re looking for a business workshop to grow as a leader or a speaker that will engage and inspire your team to be the very best they can be, look no further than Mark. Reach out today to learn more about how Mark can help take your business from being a good business to a real Superstar Business.

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In Superstar Business Secrets, you will learn the powerful lessons that every business owner and CEO needs to know.

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Discover a powerful and relatively new leadership philosophy…

that will have an unbelievably positive effect on the growth of your business.