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Successful Business Veteran Will Engage, Entertain & Inform Your Audience

Are you hosting an event and looking for much more than just “a speaker?” For someone that brings their own nuclear energy to the room and delivers it straight to your group? How about someone who is not only knowledgeable, but also engaging, dynamic, and absolute fun? Someone who can speak to how to create a Superstar Business and overcome the obstacles necessary to achieve that?

Mark T. Moore is your man. The successful business owner, advisor/consultant, and author of Superstar Business Secrets: The Top Five Keys to Big Success and Bigger Profits for Your Business is also a dynamic speaker. He’s delivered many keynote speeches for events like yours and is always looking for opportunities to spread his secrets of success and inspire audiences everywhere.

As a veteran in the business, Mark is no stranger to the podium. He’s spoken to groups in both the United States and Australia about his success and insights into personal and professional success that he’s picked up along the way. In Mark’s more than 30 years of business success he has not only grown his own successful businesses but has been responsible for growing sales and distribution channels for the world’s top companies on almost every continent on the planet. As a result he has learned some of the most important lessons to be learned.

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Join Mark for a workshop and choose from either the Vistage Version or Advantage Version. Both will let your business harness and direct positive sales energy to grow your customer base like you haven’t done before.

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No matter what your company or event is like, Mark can work within whatever you have in mind. He has the following options for his speaking:

Creating a Superstar Business

Based on his best-selling book Superstar Business Secrets, Mark energetically dives into each of the 5 Keys to Success sharing fun real-world stories to illustrate what he shares with your group. Make sure to ask about how each of your attendees can leave with a copy of the very same book that this keynote speech is based on.

A.S.K. For Success

Mark has over 30 years of experience in international business. He’s learned some secrets to success along the way. A.S.K. For Success is the formula that he’s discovered and refined over time that, when applied, is a clear framework for personal success. This presentation does the deep-drill into three requirements in that very formula to take to heart and pave the way toward being a superstar in the game of life.

Your Challenge is Your Opportunity

Success comes with hard work, and overcoming obstacles can be hard work. Mark built up his business career in the face of obstacles and knows a thing or two about meeting challenges head-on. One day he was changing the world as a young and action-loving police officer – the next it was his own world that was changed by an on-duty injury forcing him to totally reinvent himself. What he’s learned in the process are some of the secrets to a very happy and successful life, which he loves to share with people in a powerful, personal way. Take the steps toward surmounting your own challenges and get ready to move forward in life!

Or Something Tailor Made for Your Group and Your Event!

Mark will work with you to create a totally customized presentation for your event, on a topic of your choice, to make sure that his words resonate with your mission and adds incredible value to your event.

Mark is a wellspring of information and inspiration, but he’s also a phenomenal speaker and teacher who is sure to leave the room smiling, empowered and energized. Reach out today to book him for your event.

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Mark will bring a dynamic and powerful speaker to bring energy and fun to your next event.

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