Do You Know the State and Health of Your Customer Base?

It is our customer base that keeps our doors open and the lights on. After you have gone to great lengths to attract customers, you need to focus on keeping them. Here is some Superstar advice on how to keep track of the state and health of your customer base.

Daily Contact is Critical

Touch them—every day! The only way you can know with a high degree of authenticity and reliability how or what your customers are thinking and therefore how they are likely to act in regards to you as their supplier is to actually ‘touch the skin’ of your customers. You just plain need to get up close and personal.

Whether they are your favorite customers or your least favorite customers, they are all your customers. The only reliable way of you knowing what they are thinking and feeling is to “touch their skin” as I call it. Feedback from your sales managers, your sales reps, your customer service staff, your technicians, and anybody else who has direct contact with your customer base all have incredible value to you. But it’s not enough. As the leader of the business and the person responsible for making the right decisions at the right time absolutely nothing could be of more value to you than knowing with certainty what your customers are thinking and feeling.

Where the Reliable Information Comes From

The information you get from your people is without question very valuable yet the best and most reliable information comes from having direct contact with your customer base. If it comes through anybody but the customer, such as your own employees, they are all going to apply their own biases and filters to what is happening in relation to your customers. Even if it is only 90% true would you rather make decisions with 90% certainty or 100% certainty?

Find or make a way to ensure that you, as the leader of the business, get up close and personal with your existing clients and I would even add that you get to know and understand your prospective clients. Nothing could be better or more empowering for you than being able to make business decisions, which are soundly based on your customers’ true needs and wants.

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